Our Presenters

Kathleen Biggins


Kathleen founded C-Change Conversations with three colleagues and created and frequently updates the Primer presentation, “Climate Change 101.” She says, “In 2012 I attended a national conference where I heard military and business leaders talk about climate change in a vastly different way than the news media and my peers did because they talked about how it is a significant threat to our national security and economy. I wanted to bring that kind of worldview to colleagues and loved ones who didn’t understand how serious the situation really is. I wrote the Primer to provide people with a 360-degree view of the issue, so they could understand how climate change would impact them and why there is urgency to address it. We launched the Primer in 2016 to local organizations, and it quickly attracted a national audience through word of mouth endorsements. It is still a thrill to help audience members move past the politics and understand that climate change will impact them personally and is something they should care about.” 


Kathleen has presented the C-Change Primer in more than two dozen states and at the national conferences of The Garden Club of America and the Land Trust Alliance. She also appeared on a panel about climate change communications at an American Geophysical Union conference. 


Learn more about Kathleen here. 

Dallas Hetherington

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After retiring from a career in the chemical industry, Dallas decided to give back by helping C-Change get the word out about climate change. “I’m doing this for my adult children and their future families, who will bear the brunt of what’s coming at us if we don’t address it effectively and quickly,” said Dallas. “I want to help plant seeds, to get the word out on this divisive topic and huge business opportunity for the United States, and to make a meaningful impact concerning the most important issue of our time.” Dallas has hit the ground running and is presenting to a wide range of groups across the nation over Zoom. 


In his 31 years at AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, Dallas’s career spanned technologies such as adhesives, polymers and food ingredients; customers like PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble; and disparate global economies and sustainability practices on four continents. He addressed diverse markets such as personal care, packaging, and foods, and served in functions such as marketing/sales and service, finance, business management, and innovation. Dallas and his wife, Lesley, live in Bernardsville, NJ, where he has served on local charitable boards including the board of Raritan Headwaters Association, a leading, science-based watchdog protecting 500 square miles of NJ waterways, wells, and land. 

Catherine Baxter Sidamon-Eristoff


Catherine came to C-Change Conversations through her friendship with its founders and her increasing awareness of the impacts of climate change on the global economy. Catherine saw that the Primer, which provides a non-partisan, accessible explanation of the science behind climate change and a clear-eyed assessment of the potential risks, is exactly the kind of information more people need so they can better understand the challenges and opportunities ahead. In addition to delivering the Primer presentation, Catherine serves as Treasurer of C-Change Conversations.


Catherine brings over 30 years of business, investment management and fundraising experience to C-Change Conversations.  Catherine was a managing director at both Morgan Stanley and then Constellation Wealth Advisors. She is a trustee of the KKR Funds, and is an investor and board member of FlexPaths, helping Fortune 500 companies acclimate their work cultures to rapidly changing business and talent needs. She is an advisory council member of the American Museum of Natural History, a former trustee of The Watershed Institute in Pennington, New Jersey,  the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum and the Palisades Parks Conservancy in New York State. Catherine graduated from Duke University and the Fuqua School of Business at Duke. 


Learn more about Catherine.

Nancy Ylvisaker


Nancy retired early from her career in finance and non-profit management, responding to a sense of urgency to address the concerns of biodiversity loss and climate change.  C-Change founder Kathleen Biggins gave a talk in St. Louis, Nancy’s hometown, and she quickly contacted C-Change team members to inquire about how she could help. “I have had such good fortune in experiencing the profound beauty of our world, and learning how critically reliant we are on the health of our planet. I want to address these issues for the sake of my children and all future generations – and for the sake of our imperiled earth.” 


Nancy’s career has spanned investment banking, community development, and non-profit management. She spent 15 years with JP Morgan and Merrill Lynch in New York as an investment banker and then as head of their Community Development Corporations. After moving to St. Louis, Missouri, she headed Bellefontaine, a non-profit historic cemetery and arboretum. Nancy is the board chair for the Nature Conservancy in Missouri, and serves on the board of the Harris World Ecology Center, the Conservation Mission Council of the Missouri Botanical Garden, the Finance Committee of the Garden Club of America. Nancy also is starting a C-Change team in St. Louis. She recently completed a post-graduate program at Yale in Financing and Deploying Clean Energy.

C-Change Conversations is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization (tax ID 82-0839429) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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