The Bottom Line: Why Businesses Need to Lead on Climate Change

One of the best parts of my work is talking to and learning from experts who see climate change through the lens of how it impacts our economy, health, and national security. Andrew Winston, for example, is a knowledgeable and articulate expert on the nexus between business and climate change. An acclaimed author who advises multinational companies on how to understand and benefit from major trends, he's adept at looking at sweeping generalizations and extrapolating how they will impact business on a very granular level. 

Andrew sees climate change as society's biggest challenge and clearly communicates how business has exacerbated the problem but also has the potential to ameliorate it.

I had the chance to interview him about why it is in businesses' best interest to aggressively move to reduce climate risks - for their own bottom line and for the rest of society.  Many thanks to Princeton Community Television for recording and broadcasting our discussion. 

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